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Eric is a mobile estate-planning attorney serving Travis, Williamson, Bell and Hays Counties.

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Estate Planning is complicated. Most Texans don’t understand the extent of their options or the implications of their choices. It is impossible to make a good decision if you don’t know how your choices will impact the outcome.

Do you have concerns about the cost of long-term care and want to protect your assets? Do your parents or grandparents need help with long-term planning and asset protection?

Grogan Law Firm Texas

Estate planning is as personal as it is important. You can trust that Eric Grogan will guide you step-by-step through the process, discuss all of your options, and then customize an estate plan tailored to your needs. This includes drafting powers of attorney (legal and medical), living wills, and HIPAA release forms. Most importantly, Eric Grogan can help you:

protect your assetsProtect your assets
protect your assetsOrganize your assets
plan for estate challengesPlan for potential
challenges to your estate
protect your assetsProtect a loved one with special needs
protect your assetsAvoid probate
protect your assetsPrepare for the unexpected

Interested in doing estate planning but have no idea where to start?

Do you have questions about the differences between using a will or a trust?

Contact Grogan Law to get your questions answered today.

Take the mystery out of estate planning and get the answers you need directly from an estate-planning attorney. Contact Eric today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Grogan Law, PLLC offers a customized, one-on-one, client-driven experience for those seeking estate planning and probate services. Eric Grogan will come to your home or place of business to establish your estate plan. You can ask questions and anticipate all contingencies from the comfort of your own living room or kitchen table. That’s right, you can complete your estate plan from the comfort of your own home, like a visit from a country doctor.

We Can Help:
  • Address all your estate planning questions and concerns.
  • Delve into the specifics of your unique estate planning needs.
  • Empower you with knowledge about your rights and choices.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying…

Lindsay A.
Eric really helped to explain the probate process and helped my brother and I to understand our options with our father's passing. He made sure to answer all our questions in a timely manner.
Justin G.
Awesome experience with Eric! From the initial consult phone call to signing the documents in the comfort of our dining room, Eric was quick to respond, organized, and made us feel like this entire process was a piece of cake. Couldn't recommend him enough if you're interested in estate planning!
Siumell G.
I had the pleasure of consulting with Attorney Eric Grogan today to make an informed decision regarding a probate issue. He contacted me back very quick after I sent my consultation request throught his website and explained to me in a simple way how probate works and if it's worth in my case. Cordial, professional, and knowledgeable.
James R.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Eric Grogan on our family's estate planning needs and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. From the very beginning, Eric was not only knowledgeable and highly skilled, but also incredibly personable and caring. He took the time to explain complex legal concepts in a way that was easy to understand, ensuring we felt comfortable and informed every step of the way.Eric's attention to detail and his dedication to our family's specific needs made the entire process seamless. He was always available to answer questions and provide guidance, making what could have been a stressful endeavor, a very manageable and reassuring one.I highly recommend Eric Grogan to anyone in need of an estate planning attorney. His professionalism, coupled with his genuine concern for his clients' well-being, truly sets him apart. Thank you, Eric, for your excellent service!
Al P.
I can't emphasize enough what a great experience we had with Eric. He helped us with our Trust and answered all our questions, explaining everything in detail throughout the process. He also helped us with switching the properties' deeds into the trust. He's very professional and patient. Coming to meet us at home was also s PLUS! I would highly recommend Eric to anyone that is looking for an Estate Attorney.
Joe M.
Mr Grogan helped my husband and I with our trust. From the first moment we met him he was very patient and explained everything in great detail. He made sure all our questions were answered. We recommend his services without reservation. He is very knowledgeable!
Andrew S.
Eric is an absolute professional. He helped us set up our trust for our kids within a few weeks of us first reaching out. He was a referral to us by a friend and we are so happy we contracted his services. We had been lazy on setting up the trust, but Eric made it absolutely seamless and dare I say pleasant to set up. He will come to your home for consults and document signing so this whole process was very convenient for us. He is smart, friendly, responsive, punctual, organized, patient and a great communicator. I couldn't recommend him more for your will and trust needs.
Melissa H.
My husband passed away, at the age of 46, after a two year battle with cancer. Unfortunately he did not have a will written out, and I had to go thru the probate court process to have the estate, (house, cars, funds in his bank account) placed in my name. I had NO idea what probate even was! To have to deal with something that felt so foreign and daunting during a time of profound loss and grief felt undoable. Clearly I needed a lawyer, so My friend got online, researched local attorneys who handle probate cases, and we landed on Eric as our choice. BEST DECISION EVER! Eric was so easy to work with. There are so many steps and hoops to jump thru during probate. Eric was able to walk me thru them in a way that kept me grounded and reassured. I, of course, had LOTS of questions along the way, and he was amazing at getting back to me. He was patient, empathetic, and genuine. He kept it real and personally, that is the exact experience I, or any of us would want with our lawyer. I am very grateful to have found Eric and would ABSOLUTELY recommend him to others having to walk this path.
Carol Ann B.
I cannot overstate how valuable and helpful Eric has been with our estate planning. He took time with us to walk us through all of our different options and helped us get to a plan that works for us. And he was able to get everything done very quickly (we had documents signed within a month of me contacting him). Impeccable customer service and a really great guy! I would highly recommend Eric!
Catrin B.
Eric makes estate planning as easy and transparent as possible. He is a real advocate who quickly gains and maintains trust. I would definitely recommend working with Eric. It's been a delightful experience.
Frank C.
Eric is an excellent attorney. Very happy with his legal expertise, honesty and professionalism. I highly recommend Eric. He has assisted us on a variety of legal matters. He continues to be a great source for advice.Update: 5-4-23I recently had the pleasure of working with Eric for the third time and I am once again impressed with his legal services. Eric is extremely thorough and always willing to answer all of our questions in a timely manner. He has gone above and beyond to provide us with the best legal advice possible. Even when we needed advice outside of his area of expertise, he was able to find us someone we could trust to handle the matter. I highly recommend Eric for anyone in need of legal services. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.
David P.
If I could give 10 stars I would. Eric has been great through the whole process of my Father's probate. Above and beyond doesn't even describe it. Highly, Highly recommended! Thanks Eric!
Evan D
Eric Grogan was amazing at putting our Trust together for my family. He was essential in holding our hands through the process and explaining everything in great detail. There’s a lot of lawyers out there that are quick to take your money and get you out the door. Eric takes his time and really cares about making sure you understand the process before and after the trust is set up and that your family is taken care of. I would recommend Eric to anyone needing an Estate planning or Trust
Dennis W.
First and foremost, Eric Grogan of Grogan Law is an attorney with integrity and compassion for his clients. He is responsive to his clients’ needs and puts forth the extra effort to ensure the law is translated for the lay client to understand, thereby allowing his clients to ask pertinent questions.We have utilized Grogan Law for our estate planning needs and for civil litigation matters. Eric was both very prompt and reasonably priced for his professional services, including meeting at the client’s home which negated the necessity for a trip to downtown Austin from the west end of Georgetown. Finally, Eric went out of his way to provide professional and expedient legal services, all of which were much appreciated by this client. Grogan Law comes with my highest recommendation for legal services in the Georgetown and Williamson & Travis Counties. Give Eric a call!
Tony S.
Extremely helpful with our estate planning. The process required little effort on our part. They also make house visits.
Lisa W
Eric knocked it out of the ballpark. Broke it down in layman’s terms to better understand a trust vs a will. Made recommendations on how to handle different situations. Highly recommend. He has a heart of gold.
Sarah D.
Absolutely outstanding experience! Eric was gracious enough to discuss estate planning issues for a little over 30 minutes during a complimentary consult. He provided a lot of helpful information and resources and couldn't have been more delightful to speak with. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to assist because it was an out-of-state issue. Regardless, I highly recommend him and would seek out his assistance in the future without question.
barbara S.
He drew up our will for us. Came to our house with paper work a week after we had a zoom meeting with him. He had included everything we had discussed All in all it was a very easy experience. I would recommend him to anyone who need a will
Don W.
Eric spent several hours with us helping to ensure our trust was tailored to our specific needs and all our questions & concerns were addressed satisfactorily. He developed an amazing product for us that covers every contingency and brings us in compliance with current estate law. He was a delight to work with.
Diane L.
Highly recommend Grogan Law!! Eric is very personable and easy to work with. His knowledge and expertise about estate planning made our decision making so much easier. Eric is patient and takes the time to thoroughly explain the various options and all questions related to estate planning. Our thanks to Grogan Law for assisting us with our estate planning needs and for helping us achieve peace of mind!
Daniel C.
Eric was easy to work with, very knowledgeable and able to explain to us in a way we could understand. He worked through special situations and circumstances for the 8 trusts we set up for our children. We are at peace of mind now thanks to Eric.

5 Star Client Reviews

Highly recommend Grogan Law!! Eric is very personable and easy to work with. His knowledge and expertise about estate planning made our decision making so much easier. Eric is patient and takes the time to thoroughly explain the various options and all questions related to estate planning. Our thanks to Grogan Law for assisting us with our estate planning needs and for helping us achieve peace of mind.

Diane L.Google Review